As a premier provider of high-efficiency HVAC and plumbing solutions, Taft Engineering is committed to educating and supporting school districts, facility owners, engineers and contractors at every project stage. Depending upon your needs, Taft personnel offer comprehensive technical service support, system consulting and hands-on training for clients across Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Our in-house and on-site training programs are designed to instruct facilities management personnel about (1) general operation and safety testing of equipment, (2) preventative maintenance procedures, and (3) troubleshooting/diagnostic procedures. Training may be conducted at our centrally located Denver facility, on-site at your existing equipment installation, or a combination of both.

To discuss workshop options, schedule on-site equipment training or coordinate a training opportunity at our Centennial, CO facility, call the Taft Engineering team at 303-753-4584. You can also click here to fill out our brief communication form. We look forward to assisting you

Taft Engineering training programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Overview and principals of basic hydronic heating systems as applied to the high- efficiency boilers of today.
  • Overview of conventional and condensing boiler designs, including equipment differences, installation procedures, maintenance techniques and system capabilities.
  • Theory of condensing boilers and their benefits.
  • Implementation of preventative maintenance programs with today's "packaged" boiler systems.
  • Overview of boiler burner calibration, typical boiler controls, sequencing and communications to/from building automation systems, and advanced troubleshooting techniques.
  • Overview of commercial, domestic water systems and typical design practices.
  • Basics of forced-draft burners for today’s boilers. Overview of power burners, mesh burners, Low NOx pros and cons, conventional vs. condensing systems, etc.