Here's What Our Clients Have to Say


Helping commercial, industrial and non-profit clients select, install and maintain safe, energy-efficient HVAC and plumbing equipment, Taft Engineering is an industry leader with a proud legacy of service. We’re honored to be the first choice for hundreds of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming facilities, and appreciate the loyal support of our growing client base. Here’s what some of Taft’s valued clients have to say about our quality product line and our attentive, reliable business approach.

Aurora Public Schools have been installing Aerco boilers and water heaters for many years, now. They are easy to install, have a small footprint, are quiet, and most importantly—are easy to maintain. We’ve had very few maintenance issues with the Aerco equipment, and when we do, Taft Engineering has always responded immediately with a solution. Aerco boilers and water heaters are ordered and scheduled to be installed in many of our upcoming projects, and we look forward to the ease of working with Taft Engineering and the Aerco equipment.
— Rodney Faller, Master HVAC Technician, Aurora Public Schools

When it comes to value, we have had great success with Aerco products—and use them in our designs with great confidence. Their capabilities make them an easy fit for most designs and their output efficiencies are some of the highest in the industry. When we have done the economic analysis and compared them to the less costly conventional boilers, they have an average payback period ranging from six months to two years. These factors, along with their consistent reliability and the quality and knowledgeable service provided by Taft Engineering, make the Aerco products an easy choice.
— Craig A. Watts, Principal, MKK Consulting Engineers

During the last four years our school district has spent more than $150 million constructing new facilities. Many of our new schools have Aerco boilers provided by Taft Engineering. Over this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the Taft team.
Constructing these new facilities has given me the chance to work with many different contracting firms and manufacturer’s representatives. With this in mind, I would say that our Taft Engineering representatives are some of the most reliable and knowledgeable representatives I deal with. Not only are the Aerco boilers wonderful products, but Taft’s customer service and reliability are first class. They have been a wonderful firm to do business with.
— Blake Davis, Mechanical Systems Supervisor, Laramie County School District Number One

The Roaring Fork school district received a bond in 1993 to upgrade facilities and provide for more energy efficient mechanical equipment. At that time, we purchased two Aerco boilers. We used one for domestic hot water heating, and one for the building’s heating system. The reliability of the equipment was flawless. Because of the reliability and performance of the equipment, we purchased 10 Aerco boilers with a 2007 bond. We added 13 boilers, totaling more than 190,000 BTU/hr. during that mechanical upgrade.
I have had the pleasure of associating with Taft engineers for more than 15 years. I have always had very prompt service. My dealings with the company’s staff have been outstanding. The Taft Engineering team exemplifies the meaning of professionalism, not only on the service side, but in the installation of new equipment. The training and availability of technical support has given me the knowledge and confidence to operate and maintain the boilers, and I expect that the boilers and Taft will perform well for years to come.
— Ken Newton, Service Technician, RFSD Maintenance Department

Falcon School District was first introduced to the Aerco condensation boilers and water heater nearly a decade ago. As with most new design changes, the district was apprehensive and somewhat skeptical with this new system. Aside from the apparent change in the physical size (much smaller footprint) and the noise reduction within the mechanical room, we discovered these systems to be more simplistic and require less maintenance. After several years of nearly flawless operations and Taft’s superior customer service we adopted a specification guide which included the implementation of condensing boilers. The district now has nearly 30 Aerco boilers in operation and has worked with Taft Engineering on several retrofits, including some hybrid heating systems, with great success. Taft Engineering has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise about their product line. Falcon School District would, without any reservations, recommend their services.
— Ronald Lee, Building Automation Specialist, Falcon School District #49